LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY FOR HAIR LOSS :Hair Beam uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which is proven to treat hair loss by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in US, thus Hair Beam is safe to use as a home medical device. Hair Beamís tightly embedded laser terminals contact the scalp directly and help lasers to be absorbed effectively. Terminal direct contact with the scalp minimizes the laserís scattering andreflection so that the laser can be penetrated deeply into the dermis to improve blood flow and lymphatic flow of capillary. Hair Beam is approved by KFDA as a medical laser device as well as get the CE and it is also registered with NET(New Excellent Technology) from Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea in 2011. Hair Beam is a product after 3 years of research and development by WONTECH, a company specializes in medical laser devices. WONTECH has conducted clinical tests and experiments with 2 National University Hospitals for 24weeks, and the result of this procedure has confirmed that Hair Beam is a stable and superior laser device.
  • Hair loss treatment
  • Laser Soft Peel Genesis
  • Hair Restore
  • Strengthen Hair thickness

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