We are fulltime committed homeopathy clinics under banner of Expert  Cancer Homoeo Clinic, under full time presence of Dr Devendra Singh, Dr Dipika Singh and Dr Dipendra Singh who represents modern  face of homeopathy in the world. Homeopathic treatment designed based on the research studies which offer results which are beyond comparison,when it comes to conventional homeopathic treatment. Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic is amongst the most leading homeopathic clinics in India with its branches in Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow.

At Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic, patients from different countries have received homeopathic treatment.

The homeopathic treatment protocols at Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic are determined on the basis of full length study of patients, their medical parameters, individual details, etc. Scientific approach in homeopathic treatment is applied.

We are also promoter of scientific homeopathic treatment.

How Do We Do Help?

We have been offering our online treatment through the internet, since 2009

Dr Devendnra Singh has been in practice since 1979. He started offering his homeopathic treatment globally since 2009. Online homeopathic treatment protocol has been developed and evolved in such a way that our patients from all across the world find it convenient and cost effective get treated by us online.

Dr Devendra Singh has pioneered online homeopathic treatment. His online treatment protocol allows anyone, anywhere in the world to consult him. The distant patient who cannot visit the clinic and want to start the homoeopathic treatment can start the online treatment .We have more than 50000+ patients who have received the online treatment.

How to start the online treatment ?

Step 1:
Sign up for the treatment:

  • Talk to the team to start the online treatment (on phone /email)
  • Make Payments
  • Using debit/credit card/Net Banking
  • Deposit the money in Bank account.

Step 2
Receive a questionnaire

You will receive an automated mail enabling you to answer to the
questionnaire. Fill up the questionnaire reply, along with submission of your
diseased photos and videos, medical reports.

Step 3:
Give your history

You may take your own time to fill up the questionnaire. (It is also possible
for you to send us a questionnaire reply by mail or speak to our doctors
over the phone/video conference with the doctor)

Step 4:
Doctor will review your case:

Our Expert team will study your case and medicines will be posted to your

Step 5:
Receive medicine at your doorstep

You will receive a pack of medicine from us anywhere in the world.

Step 6:
Feedback to doctor

You can update your report to the doctor time to time for further medicines,
depending on the progress you make.You have to keep in touch with us via e-mail,
phone or in person.

What you get ?

You get the best of homeopathic treatment form expert homeopathic doctors from world class homeopathic clinics. You get best possible support from homeopathic doctors and services.The homeopathic treatment you receive is based on:

The homeopathic treatment you receive is based on:

    • Experience of 38 years of committed homeopathic doctors.
    • Homeopathic clinics having Research wing to strengthen homeopathic treatment
    • Convenience of getting treatment from experts, sitting at home
    • Expertise based (500000+ cases treated)

Usually, to receive expert homeopathic treatment from homeopathic doctors or organization involved into practice, teaching and research, is difficult. Interestingly, Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic is an institute which has amazing combination of the said strengths. You get homeopathic treatment from the homeopathic doctors who actually are into designing the future of homeopathy. As a part of our mission to make homeopathic treatment available to people all across the world, we have structured the fee in such a way that anyone can afford our homeopathic treatment. Our homeopathic treatment is prepaid for consultancy, medicines, shipping and support.