Breast Cancer Homeopathy Treatment Mumbai

8 Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

1. Keep Weight in Check

It’s easy to tune out because it gets said so often, but maintaining a healthy weight is an important goal for everyone. Being overweight can increase the risk of many different cancers, including breast cancer, especially after menopause.

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Homeopathy And Homeopathic Remedies, An Answer To The Incurable Diseases Like Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world today. While there are ways to manage it medically, cancer has to be detected early to increase the victim’s odds of survival. Most people follow conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy because they don’t know another less painful way of curing their condition. They are not aware of homeopathic cancer treatment options, to be specific. Many have heard about homeopathy, yes, but they have never thought of trying it as a cancer treatment. If you want to heal your cancer without much suffering, choose the best homeopathic treatment in India

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Cancer treatment clinics

Homeopathy Treatment – An effective and safe solution to control and correct life threatening diseases like breast cancer

Is there a disease that is more feared than cancer? It causes untold suffering and deaths. Breast Cancer is quite common in females and remains one of the most persistent and devastating diseases today. It is a malignant disease just like other forms of cancer, meaning that it can spread to another part of the body even after the removal of breasts.

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Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic

How Homeopathy offers you the better and healthier life.

Are you perpetually sick? Do you know what is ailing you? It is possible that you are like several people out there who have been to different hospitals and don’t know what’s wrong with them until now. This is the right time to meet us, Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic. We have been operating since 1979 and have assisted numerous people to understand and heal their health conditions.

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Kidney specialists in Delhi

Kidney stones treatment clinic

Kidney stones are entities responsible for the excruciating pains in the lower abdomen known as renal colic.
They are commonly seen in males. Multiple causations ranging from simple dehydration and certain dietary excesses to infections and metabolic diseases, lead to varied types of renal stones.

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Allergies are the response from the immune system or the defence system which reacts to substances such as dust, pollen, mites, and some eatables. These substances does not cause any harm in most of the people. But few react to it in an abnormal way when exposed to. The reaction is called an allergic reaction. The substances which cause or trigger such reactions are called as Allergens.


Pain management in cancer by Homeopathy

One of the most common difficulties in treating cancer is pain. Pain can be associated with both localized tumors and metastatic cancer. Although only 15% of patients with nonmetastatic disease had pain associated with their    tumor at the time of diagnosis, pain becomes more pervasive as disease progresses. With the diagnosis of metastatic  disease  the percentage of patients having pain increased to 74%. Direct tumor involvement is the most common  cause of pain, present in approximately two thirds of patients with pain from metastatic cancer. Tumor invasion of  bone, common in breast and prostate cancer and with multiple myeloma, accounts for pain in approximately 50% of  these patients. The remaining 50% experience tumor-related pain that is due to nerve compression or infiltration, or  tumor involvement of the gastrointestinal tract or soft tissue.

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Preventing Oral Cancer

Preventing oral cancer

Here’s how you can take an active role in preventing oral cancer or detecting it in its early stages:

1. Always brush and floss your teeth regularly. An unhealthy mouth reduces your immune system and inhibits your body’s ability to fight off potential cancers.

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