Dr. Dipika Singh

Dr Dipika Singh

About Dr Dipika Singh

Dr.Dipika Singh is a BHMS with distinction. As a student, she was among the top few in both academic accomplishments as well as extracurricular activities. For the last 10 years she is healing people at New Delhi. Recognized as an expert in solving complex cases of cancer, kidney failure, skin, infertility, P.C.O.D., fibroadenoma of the breast ,uterine fibroids, and other female gynecological ailments.Dr.Dipika’s line of treatment includes her own special preparations and medicines. She enjoys the challenges presented by each new chronic patient she treats. Elaborating on her practice she says, “Homoeopathic treatment of chronic disorders emphasizes on using a revolutionary and holistic approach to eliminate the root cause of the disease. It is not only safe, but also effective. It adopts a highly sophisticated and scientific approach to health, disease and treatment.” Dr.Dipika believes that homeopathic treatment.offers the most safe and natural solution to chronic diseases such as respiratory problems, abdominal, skin and psychiatric disorders. She further adds, “Those who prefer quick relief through allopathy and surgery live only HALF A LIFE; adopt homeopathy for permanent improvement in your constitution, and enjoy A FULL LIFE; the difference is most prominent AFTER FORTY. Homeopathy gives me an opportunity to view the world from so many different perspectives and explore such diverse avenues of thought. I love finding the answers to my patients’ sufferings and find it wonderful to have a job that allows me to constantly learn new things.”And thus, Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic is a safe haven of care, cure and nurture. With a group of physicians that work with intelligence, diligence and empathy, the Clinic aims to eradicate the dread from the diseases and create a more omfortable and recoverable environment for its patients.