*Mr Om Prakash, Kanpur

My creatinine was 8.94; all the doctors has advice me to start the dialysis;

but I was not ready for dialysis. Then I came to know about Dr Devendra

singh, I started homeopathic treatment and within 1 months my craetinine

was has been 4 months my creatinine is under 2.I am very grateful to



*Mr Shatrughan Tiwari, Bihar

I was suffering from medical renal disease (creatinine 4.3) with proteinurea;

has been completely cured through your homeopathic treatment and I am

very grateful to you.


*Mr P.P.Verma, Kanpur

I am suffering from medical renal disease, got excellent results since I

started the homeopathic treatment. There is a decrease in my creatinine

levels (from 18.7 to 4.9) since I started your treatment. I cannot define in

words but my sincere thanks to Dr. Devendra Singh.


*Mr. Rakesh Sahu,Lucknow

“I got a new ray of hope. It changed my life and made me happier than ever

before. My urea and creatinine levels have decreased ever since I started

the treatment. I wish I could have met Dr. Devendra Singh before and not

waste my time with all other treatments.”


*Mrs Renuka Gupta, Mumabi

My heartiest congratulations and thanks to Dr. Devendra Singh for having

changed my life ever since I started his treatment. I have experienced

tremendous improvement in my condition. The urea and creatinine levels

slashed down and I feel very good. Thank you once again.


*Mr. C. G Agrawal, India

I had been under treatment for my kidney conditions for the past 6 months

and have experienced remarkable improvement. Thank you to Dr.

Devendra Singh and Dr. Dipendra Singh for your commendable work in the

field of nephropathy. Almost 80% of my problems have dissipated.


*Mrs Arti Tripathi,Lucknow

My father was suffering from chronic renal failure, his creatinine level was

10,even dialysis was not giving him relief, after starting homeopathy within

2 days of treatment his creatinine level is 5. Thanks doctor .


*Mr Ravi Prakash, Kanpur

I started homeopathic treatment when my creatinine levels was 4.3; it has

been 6 months of treatment I am feeling much better. Creatinine levels is

now 2, hoping for complete recovery in next few months.

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