Cancer Specialist In Lucknow Dr. Dipendra Singh

Dr Dipendra Singh

About Dr Dipendra Singh

(MD Homoeopathy) presents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. A leading homoeopath who is leading  Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic  to international fame and reputation by curing dreaded chronic diseases by the principles of ethical homoeopathy. Did his bachelors in homeopathic and medical sciences (B.H.M.S.)from Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Pune along with certificate programmes in gynaecology ,child health and skin ailments. He completed his MD from SSNPGI Allahabad and moved ahead to work under different health programmes and activities by participating in various school health check ups and seminars to uphold the interest of Homoeopathy.Under the bright guidance of his father and due to dedication towards homoeopathy, he has successfully treated many cases of cancer, renal failure and other chronic ailments rejected from all fields of medicines. He, as a physician, has made incurable cases curable and has made people believe and trust Homoeopathy. Abiding by the Hahnemanian Oath,Dr. Dipendra Singh has been consulting and relating with individuals as a doctor, on a personal basis for the past 8 years, designing treatment protocols that CHANGE LIVES. He has observed outstanding results that doctors call “miraculous” and unexplainable. He insists that they are not miraculous, but rather the body at work doing what it’s designed to do –given the tools to do it. According to him, with its long history of safe use, homeopathy stands at the forefront of modern medical care. He is widely exposed to modern homeopathy as practiced internationally.Treatment by Dr. Dipendra is better experienced than explained. He maintains that “health is our birthright”.