Ganglion Cyst At Wrist Region


Ganglion cysts are very common lumps within the hand and wrist that occur adjacent to joints or tendons.  The most common locations are the top of the wrist , the palm side of the wrist, the base of the finger on the palm side, and the top of the end joint of the finger.. The ganglion cyst often resembles a water balloon on a stalk , and is filled with clear fluid or gel.


The cause of these cysts is unknown although they may form in the presence of joint or tendon irritation or mechanical changes. They occur in patients of all ages.

These cysts may change in size or even disappear completely, and they may or may not be painful. These cysts are not cancerous and will not spread to other areas.


  • Lump or cyst like growth (mostly on tendons or joints)
  • Usually round or oval in shape; pea sized, balloon like nodule or larger
  • Can be located around any joint, but mostly seen at wrist, hands, ankle, fingers
  • Consistency may be soft or firm
  • Size may vary but usually 1-3cm. Ganglionat back of knee may be bigger.
  • Contains clear, thick, jelly like, sticky, colorless liquid
  • Mostly painless, but if the cyst puts pressure on adjoining nerve there may be pain, numbness, tingling, weakness in muscle. Pain may radiate to other body parts.


Homeopathy is very proficient in managing the symptoms of GANGLION. There is anexcellent success rate in homeopathic treatment for GANGLION. It helps body to reabsorb the fluid and reduces the Ganglion size gradually leading to its complete resolution.

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