Ulcerative colitis

*Mr Praveen Rastogi, Kanpur

Within 2 weeks of starting treatment I started to feel the effect and it was

great how fast it worked, I felt better and healthy. Blood in stool became

less and abdomen pains have reduced a lot.


*Mrs Payal gupta, Lucknow

Lot of improvement. It has slowed down. Less frequency and intensity.


*Mrs Mansi Puri, Kanpur

I was suffering with frequent diarrhea and very much blood loss in the

stools. Within 1 month of treatment I am feeling much better, there is no

blood loss.


*Mr Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Lucknow

Before starting of medication stool was loose all the time with frequency of

passing 8-10 times per day along with blood and mucus. Now frequency

has come down to 2 times a day. There is significant improvement.


*Mr Manoj Kumar, Delhi

90% improvement since starting the treatment 3 months ago. I did not

have any relapse after taking the last medicine. The frequency of stools

have reduced. There is no pain in the abdomen or colon.


*Mr R. K. Singh, Delhi

I responded to the medication, I am 90% feeling better. I had no pain and

no cramping. My bowel movements were regulated, I feel great even a

couple of months after I stopped the treatment.


*Mrs Varsha Kesarwani,Lucknow

I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for several years. After the

initial treatment the problem re-occurred and was severe. Besides blood in

stool I had no control on motions.

Homoeopathy helped me immensely in controlling motions, blood in stool

and helped me, gain mental peace. I am pleased with the progress I have

received in overcoming this problem.


*Mr Vishal Saxena, Lucknow

I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. I would have constant desire for

passing stools with severe pain in the abdomen. I would have constant

bloating sensation with gas formation. There was blood and mucus in

stools. I would have a lot of diarrhea. I started treatment from Dr Devendra

Singh, within 4 months of starting the treatment, now I have no pain in

abdomen, the passing of blood and mucus has also reduced. I am very

happy with the treatment and continuing the treatment with a hope of being

fully recovered from this chronic condition.

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