Renal Failure Homeopathy Treatment

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that extract waste from blood and balances body fluid, forms urine and aid in other important functions of the body. They sit opposite each other on either side of the spine. Kidneys are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance and red blood cell production in the body.

Renal failure also called end-stage renal failure (ESRF), the last stage of chronic kidney disease. Renal failure occurs when your kidney has lost the ability to filter from your blood sufficiently. Due to the built-up waste products and excess fluid in the body may cause weakness, shortness of breath, swelling and lethargy. There are many factors that can interfere with the kidney health and its functions such as toxic exposure to environmental pollutants, certain acute and chronic diseases, severe dehydration and kidney trauma. The kidney doesn’t function well if the body is overloaded with toxins and this can lead to Renal failure and if left untreated, it can also become life-threatening. The diagnosis of Renal failure usually is made by blood tests measuring BUN (blood urea nitrogen), creatinine and GFR (glomerular filtration rate)

Some causes of Renal failure are treatable, and the kidney function may return to normal but unfortunately, Renal failure may turn out to be progressive and irreversible.

Homeopathy treatment treats the person as a whole. It cures even chronicle diseases which is not possible in case of conventional medicines. homeopathy has no side effects and is very effective and improves the well-being of a person. to get the best treatment for Renal Failure, join hands with Cancer Homoeo Clinic and feel the difference. The Homeopathy Clinic in Delhi and Mumbai have kidney specialists and can help those who are suffering from kidney disease by giving homeopathic treatment.