*Mr Nakul Tripathi, Delhi

My pain has reduced significantly. There is an 80% improvement. I am no

longer taking the painkillers.


*Mr Manish Raghuvanshi, Delhi

There is marked reduction in bleeding and pains. I was unable to sit, but

within few weeks am completely well.

Thanks doctor


*Mr Arvind Pushkar,Lucknow

The pain has reduced remarkably. I am not on painkillers.

Mrs Pooja Pal, Lucknow

I find remarkable reduction in the pain. The bleeding is 80% better with the



Mohd Shoaib, Dubai

The pain has reduced by 80%. I am feeling much better.


*Mr Anuj Saxena, Kanpur

I was having severe pain with bleeding. The pain used to occur in episodes

for the last 2 years. Since I have been taking this medicine there seems to

be pain occasionally. I would say there has been a 70% improvement.


*Mrs Alka Srivastava, Delhi

I was suffering from piles since last 5 years. I had severe shooting type of

pain along with bleeding

I had severe erratic pains, having no pattern which was affecting my

routine activity.

After starting with the homeopathic treatment, there was gradual

improvement in my pains and bleeding.

At the end of 3 months the pain reduced to a great extent. There was 85 %

improvement, the intensity of the pain and stiffness was much less as

compared to what I had when we started with the treatment. There is good

improvement .


*Mrs Kalpana Bisht, Kanpur

I would say there has been a 70% improvement. I have not taken any pain

killers for the last 2 months.


*Mrs Fatima Sheikh, Qatar.

Much improvement. The intensity of pain has reduced, swelling has come

down, I am seeing signs of improvement.

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