*Mr Rizwan Khan, Dubai

With your treatment, my son's urine protein is negative. He has had no

relapse of nephrotic syndome since 1 year! The improvement has been



*Mr Shadab Alam, Oman

My son's nephrotic syndrome has improved considerably. He has

progressed pretty well with the treatment.


*Mr Aftab Ahmad, Oman

A good response, about 90% improvement. No relapse after stopping the

allopathic treatment . I am currently on no steroid. Urine protein level are



*Mr Anil Batra, Chandigarh

My son was suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome since 2 yrs. It has been 1

year since we started the homeopathic treatment .There is no protein in

urine since 3 months. He is not on steroids or any allopathic medicines

since almost a year.


*Mrs Poonam chauhan,Lucknow

After starting the treatment from you, we have observed overall

improvement. Frequency of relapse is decreased. Rohit is feeling better

than earlier. There is decreased in his urine protein levels.


*Mrs Asha Srivastava, Lucknow

My son has been responding well to the medicines. He was on cortisone

every three months, for last two years. Now, we have been able to manage

without cortisone for more than 10 months. He is doing well. We are very



*Mrs Purbi Pandey, Allahabad

My son was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and was put on steroids

from time to time. There would always be a relapse on stopping steroids. I

was fortunate to have started homeopathy for my son. We approached Dr.

Devendra Singh and started with his treatment. We could slowly reduce the

dose of steroids. In fact, the need for steroids reduced after homeopathy.

My child is almost out of the vicious cycle of steroid dependence. We are

happy with the results.


*Mrs Ruby Gupta, Kanpur

It is almost 4 months that he started using Homeopathy medicine from you

for Nephrotic Syndrome. After starting treatment the is decrease in proteins

in urine, the swelling on the face has disappeared. I am thankful to you for

giving relief to my son.


*Mr Varun Dogra, Lucknow

My son has responded very well since we have started him on your

medication for Nephrotic Syndrome. His dependency on cortisone has

reduced considerably.


*Mrs Vaishali Jain,Mumbai

The nephrotic syndrome has significant improvement with the homeopathic

treatment. I am very much happier and more active, now.


*Mr. Ajay Thukral, Lucknow

My urine protein levels have decreased a lot. I am thankful to you.


*Mrs Mufeeda Khatoon, Dubai

There is no doubt; the medicines are quite effective and showed lot of

improvement. My son is 65-70% cured.


*Mr Dinesh Upadhyay, Allahabad

My son is improving a lot with homeopathy, the protein level in urine is

negative since last 2-3 months!! This makes us so happy. Thank you.


*Mrs Rehana Malik, Dubai

There has been a large improvement. My son has had no relapse since

starting with the treatment. The urine protein levels have decreased a lot;

which has been made possible only with homeopathy.


*Mr Pushpendra Singh, Kanpur

I was suffering with Nephrotic Syndrome; presenting with generalized

swelling and protein loss of 4+. I had these recurrent episodes of protein

loss. I was put on steroids for the same.

Within 1 year of starting treatment with Dr Devendra Singh, the episodic

protein loss came under control and we could gradually taper down and

stop the steroids completely. The swelling on the face has reduced.


*Mr Akash Bhandari, Hyderabad

My son was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome(Steroid Dependent) since

last the 4 years, urine showed albumin 3 +. He was started on steroids and

as we used to decrease the dose, he would have protein loss in the urine.

Due to these repeated episodes he would have severe urine retention

presenting with severe swelling all over the face and weight gain and

generalized tiredness. His case had gradually become steroid dependent.

Within 1 year of starting the homeopathic treatment, there is significant

reduction in the severity and intensity of the nephrotic syndrome. The

swelling over the face reduced and there is no protein loss in urine.


*Mrs Madhu Gupta, Banglore

I have seen good improvement in my condition. My urine is less frothy, .

Overall I am pleased with your treatment.


*Mr Anupam Mishra, Delhi

The response is encouraging. After starting homeopathic treatment, my

protein level improved considerably and the steroids were reduced.

The intensity is decreased. The quantity of cortisones has been reduced.

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