*Mrs Indira Pant , Delhi

The migraine has reduced drastically. The frequency of headaches has

gone down considerable; I don’t even remember when i got the last attack!


*Mr Arvind Asthana, Lucknow

I used to have severe headache with nausea, I could not go out in sun the

day I used to have headache; I started homoeopathic treatment and it has

been 6 months now I did not had a since attack of headache.


*Miss Anjali Singh, Delhi

I never thought my migraine will get cure, I used to have severe headache

for hours, was unable to study, After starting homoeopathy I am feeling

much better, now I don’t have attacks of headache.


*Miss Kavita Pandey,Delhi

I had been suffering from migraine for the last 2 years and I would land up

with headaches every week. I would get intense pain and would become

extremely irritable due to the pain. Painkillers would not give me much relief

from the headaches and I could see no way out of this problem.

Homeopathy was my last resort. After starting Homeopathic treatment,

within 3 months my headaches dramatically improved and I was feeling

much better than before. I no longer suffer from those annoying headaches

and I'm glad I opted for Homeopathic treatment.


*Mr Rahul Kumar,Lucknow

I am seeing significant improvement in my migraine headaches- they are

much better; the frequency has reduced. I just got 1 or two in last 2 months

and when I took the regular Homeopathic medicine for the headache, it

took care of the pain.

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