Kidney specialists in Delhi

Kidney cancer is also called renal cancer. It is a disease in which kidneys cells become cancerous and becomes a tumor once out of control. Almost all the kidney cancers first appear in tiny tubes in the kidney. Most of the kidney cancer is found before it spreads to the distant organs and knowing about this in an early stage makes it easier for the treatment.

The exact cause of kidney cancer is not known yet, but there are risk factors that include smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, long-term dialysis, occupational exposure, male gender. It often occurs for the people who are older than 40. The symptoms of kidney cancer are blood in the urine, constant pain in the side of the flank, a lump of mass in the abdomen, fever, weight loss or fatigue. The best way to reduce the risk of kidney cancer is by maintaining a healthy weight, a healthy blood pressure and not smoking.

The treatment of kidney cancer can be a multi-way therapy. Either homeopathic or conventional therapy. Depending on the age of the person, the combination of therapy is conducted to check the health condition of the patient. Conventional treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation which works faster for the removal of the cancer.

Whereas homeopathy treatment for kidney cancer can help in regression of kidney cancer, prevention of recurrence of kidney cancer, removing side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy, relieving cancer pains, helps the patient get over his emotional stage, improving the general quality of life.

Homeopathy treatment is the best for a long run and is harmless without any side effects. The Cancer Homeopathy Clinic Delhi have kidney specialists and can help those who are suffering from kidney cancer by giving homeopathic treatment.