Homeopathy doctors in Mumbai – Cancer specialist in Mumbai

Expert Cancer Homeo Clinic was established in year of 1979 by one of the best doctor in Mumbai i.e., Dr.Devendra Singh with the aim to cure the chronic and dreaded diseases like cancer treatment, kidney failure, hepatitis B, C, aplastic anemia etc. Best Homeopathy doctor .Dr. Devendra singh, a homeopathic physician lives and works in Kanpur lucknow , where he has been running a busy Homeopathic practice for over 36 years.

Dr. Devendra singh has cured many more patients purely with classical Homeopathic approach in the last 36 years of his excellent practice. He specialized in the treatment of Cancer treatment, Kidney failure.

Expert Cancer Homeo Clinic has completed a journey of 35 years coming across 5+ lakh patients. Over the past years 10 thousand patients have benefited remarkably of cancer alone. At Expert Cancer Homeo Clinic not only treat patients symptomatically, but we believe in adopting a holistic approach in our treatment, which helps patients in regaining complete wellness and health.

People get cancer when cells within their bodies isolate without restriction or order. The body is made up of many types of cells, and it is normal for them to grow, divide and yield more cells when the body demands them. Cancer occurs when cells keep dividing, even when new cells are not needed.Normally the heredity make sure that cells grow and reproduce in an formal and controlled way. If the system goes failure for any reason, the constant result is that the cell dies. Rarely, the system goes wrong in a way that concede a cell to keep on dividing until a swelling called a ‘tumour’ is formed. The center has various departments which embrace a multidisciplinary way to cancer treatment programmes; always striving for excellence in understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer at the best level.

The strength of the Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic lies in our strength to offer all treatment decency under one roof. Patients are seen and evaluated in multimodality clinics like Head and Neck, Breast and Gynecology by a team of specialists in each malignancy. Treatment decisions are then made in integrative tumor boards where these specialists sit together and discuss the plan of treatment. In this transformative journey, spanning over three decades, Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic has pioneered several game-changing developments and has set standard in clinical and service supremacy in Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic. Our mission is to gain excellence in clinical and basic research, and cancer treatment over multidisciplinary combination with surgical and dispersal oncology specialists along with psycho social specialists and volunteer faculty.