Homeopathic medicines not only help to control the growth of cancer (if brought to the homeopath in the early stages) but it also helps to alleviate the other accompanying symptoms most commonly found like loss of weight, difficulty in eating, weakness, pain, cough,  vomiting, nausea, etc.

Following are some of the aspects of Cancer Management with Homeopathy:

One of the most distressing complaints associated with some varieties of Cancer is the unbearable or agonizing pain. Conventional medicines can provide pain relief but only to a certain extent and these medicines are not without any side effects. Moreover, there is always a restriction to the dosage that can be safely administered to the patient. The advantage of administering Homeopathic medicines in such cases is that there can be effective pain control without inducing any side effects.

Homeopathy can help in improving the general well-being and vitality of the patient.

Conventional treatment options for cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc) are associated with distressing side effects and homeopathy can play a definitive role to counter these side effects.

The diagnosis of cancer often leaves the patient with a sense of depression, anxiety, and fear. The treatment may induce additional irritability, impatience and mood fluctuations. Homeopathy can influence the psyche of the patient and can help patient to deal with these emotions in a better way.

Homeopathic medicines also have a role to play in controlling the pace at which the disease increases and spread of the disease to other organs.

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