Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injections used to fill out wrinkles and creases in the skin.

They can also be used to increase the volume and definition of the lips and cheeks.

The fillers are made from a variety of materials and the effects can be either temporary

or permanent, depending on the type of filler:

collagen – effects last three to four months
hyaluronic acid – lasts about four to six months
calcium hydroxylapatite – lasts about 18 months
poly-L- lactic acid (PLLA) – effects of injections given over several months may last up to two years
poly-methylmethacrylate beads (PMMA) – permanent, but most risky

What it involves?

You may be offered a local anesthetic cream or injection. The practitioner injects the

filler in a series of small injections and may massage the area.

The treatment time can vary from 30 minutes to an hour. It may be uncomfortable, but

should not be very painful.


The area may be a little swollen, tender and red for 24 hours. During that time you may

be advised to avoid coffee, alcohol, hot drinks and the sun.

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