*Mr. R.C.Arora Delhi, India

“I got a new ray of hope. It changed my life and made me happier than ever

before. I wish I could have met Dr. Devendra Singh before and not waste

my time with all other treatments.

*Mr M.K.Sahani, Luknow

When I started the treatment I did not have belief in Homeopathy, It has

been 5 years my mother is doing well. Thank you Dr Devendra for all the

support and medical help.

*Mrs Nahid Fatima, Qatar

It was a good experience. I started online treatment and got good results. I

have been in touch with the doctor for the past 3 years and now I am

1having no problem. Thanks doctor for treating my cancer when I lost all


*Mr Mushtaq Ali , Dubai

"I was having prostate cancer along with kidney failure.I never thought I

could get cured. I came to know about Dr Devendra Singh through his

website and started the treatment. It has been 4 years I am having no

complaints now.

*Mrs Poonam Srivastava,Banglore India.

“I was diagnosed with cancer Gallbladder and liver.I visited several

oncologists, but failed to get results. Then we came to know about Dr

Devendra Singh .I am under his treatment since last 3 years and I could

say now I am completely well.”

*Mr Amol More, Mumbai

"I arrived here with my daughter, 32 years old suffering from breast cancer

and she got excellent results. I was impressed by the medical treatment

received by my daughter. I therefore want to thank the doctor. "

*Mrs Kavita Patil, Mumbai

"I was diagnosed with Cancer Gall Bladder with Liver metastasis, I was

hopeless that I would survive, Thanks to Dr Dipendra Singh that I am living

a normal life.

*Mr Manoj Pandey ,Mumbai

"Only 1 word to say “excellent results “We started our mother’s treatment

in the last stages of breast cancer and she got good response.

*Mrs Kusum Awasthi, Delhi

“We came to the doctor in the last stage of the disease when little or no

hope was left, I am thankful to Dr Dipika singh for giving me relief .Now I

am not having any complaints.

*Mr Asif Sheikh, Dubai

“My father got good response from homeopathic medicines in prostate

cancer.I am thankful to the doctor.”

*Mrs Sunita Pun, Nepal

“My husband suffered from prostate cancer along with kidney failure, After

starting homoeopathy his complaints have reduced.”

*Mr Rashid Ali, Pune

My wife was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006 operated twice along with

chemotherapy, she used to have severe headache and vertigo, we came to

the doctor in 2009, it has been 7 years her complaints have improved a lot.

She is still under the treatment.

*Mrs Nidhi Sinha,Delhi

My mother was diagnosed with cervix cancer, we got it operated in 2010

but it again reoccurred in 2014, she used to have severe pain, It has been

2 years she is under homeopathic treatment. Her complaints have reduced

a lot.

*Mrs Samreen ayaz, Kuwait

I came to the doctor in advance stage of cervix cancer, it has been 6

months, and my complaints have reduced. I am feeling much better now.

*Mrs Indrawati Devi,Patna

My mother was having gall bladder cancer metastasis into liver. We came

to the doctor when little or no hope was left, we started homeopathic

treatment and my mother got excellent results. It has been 6 years, her

complaints have reduced a lot.


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