*Mr Rakesh Poptani, New Delhi

My neck pain has reduced significantly. There is an 80% improvement. The

pain in the knees and shoulders is better. I am no longer taking the


*Mr Kabir Khan, Qatar.

There is marked reduction in neck pains .The pain and stiffness of joints

reduced considerably. I was unable to move my neck sideways, now I can move it both ways.
Thanks doctor

*Mr Altaf Rasool, Dubai

I never knew there was a treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis!!

The pain has reduced remarkably. The neck and back stiffness is relatively

better. I am not on painkillers.

*Mr Anil Kashyap,Kanpur

I find remarkable reduction in the pain. The Ankylosing spondylitis is 80%

better with the medicines.

*Mohd Samad, Bahrain

The spinal pain has reduced by 60%. The back stiffness is relatively better.

*Mr Pramod Tripathi, Ahmedabad

There has been a drastic improvement. The pain used to occur in episodes

for the last 2 years. Since I have been taking this medicine there seems to

be pain occasionally. I would say there has been a 70% improvement.

*Mr Imran Khan, Delhi

I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis since last 5 years. I had severe

shooting type of pain in the hip joint involving the joints around the upper

back, hip and thigh. I had severe stiffness in the morning which affected my

joint movements. It was a challenge for me to get up and move around

especially in the morning hours. I had severe erratic pains, having no

pattern which was affecting my routine activity. I was facing a difficulty in

bending and turning. The pain was affecting my posture and I could not

walk straight.

After starting with the homeopathic treatment, there was gradual

improvement in my pains and joint movement.

At the end of 6 months the pain reduced to a great extent. There was 85 %

improvement, the intensity of the pain and stiffness was much less as

compared to what I had when we started with the treatment. There is good

improvement in my joint mobility and I am able to stand and sit for longer


*Mohd Shoaib, Kanpur

I would say there has been a 70% improvement. I have not taken any pain

killers for the last 2 months.

*Mrs Rubina Khan, Qatar.

Much improvement. The intensity of pain has reduced, swelling has come

down, I am seeing signs of improvement.

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