Alopecia Areata


*Mrs Savita Mishra,Kanpur

100% improvement – all hair has re-grown and no new patches have

appeared since I started the homoeopathic medicine.

*Mrs Vartika Rawat, Lucknow

Prior to taking your treatment, I had multiple recurring spots, sometimes the

patches were very big. But now, there is no recurrence of the patches. I am

extremely happy with your medicine.

*Miss Swati Mehrotra,Delhi

I had many patches of alopecia areata. I am happy to say that my spots are

gone. I am really very happy.

*Mrs Mamta Tripathi,Lucknow

My alopecia is better and I want to thank Dr Devendra Singh; I have been

using homeopathic treatment since last six months. My patches of alopecia

have responded very well and I am happy with the treatment. Thank you.

*Mr Amol Patil ,Mumbai

I am very pleased with the medication for alopecia areata. My hair has

been growing back; the patches which are bald have decreased in size.

The medicines are helping and working at the alopecia areata.

*Mrs Sarita Singh,Lucknow

My hair fall has significantly improved and it’s almost 90% back to normal.

*Mr Praveen Jadhav, Mumbai

I have responded very well to the treatment. My hair has grown back.

I can see hair growing on the patch. The improvement is very good.

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