I would like to say how happy I am to be a client of Expert Aesthetics .i was referred by one of my friends who had visited this clinic and her acne cleared away totally .Till date, I have received two facial peels, and I am so pleased with the results. My skin looks more dense, fine lines have been reduced around my mouth, and the overall texture is significantly improved. The treatments delivered on their promises – I am now a believer in peels! I can’t wait to see the results from my upcoming peel session .
Dr Dipanjali and her team are welcoming and friendly, and they are extremely knowledgeable. The clinic itself is warm, cozy and inviting.
Dr Dipanjali  is a friendly and uplifting professional who shares great advice and makes treatments most comfortable and affordable. I have recommended her to numerous friends as I have great results from the advice and therapy already. Looking forward to next time, many thanks to Dr Dipanjali singh.Absolutely love this place! Their facial peels are great and their laser hair removal is by far the best in the area!! Plus the skin care has worked wonders for me Cannot say enough good things about Expert Aesthetics and their wonderful team .i am so pleased that the brown spots on my face are gone .I had  got brown patches on my cheeks ,nose and forehead  after pregnancy which were too prominent and was the first thing people used to notice about me .I went for treatments but there was no result .then i searched and learnt about Expert Aesthetics through internet ,read the reviews which were good enough so i booked an appointment with the doctor . this may be out of context but Dr dipanjali is the sweetest doctor i have met till date ,she listened to my concerns very patiently and then explained to me the various treatment options available ,whats the difference and how much time it will take to show improvement , no fake  promises about genuine advice .i started with the treatment and after 10 to 12 weeks i cud see a new me .she also gave me a personalised homecare regime which i follow without fail .and also i go for the medicated facials offered at expert aesthetics .no parlour activities and now my skin is better ,brighter and younger . i went to the doc for hair loss treatment . i am just 30 and had major hair thinning and hair loss so that most of my scalp was visible .that was panicking me the reason becoz my marriage was due in another 9 months time. well doc pacified me and told me about  the treatments available . i went for the PRP treatment along with meso ,laser and stem cell sessions which she told me about .doc delivered what she promised . i was more than happy with the results and was sorted and relieved before my big day . when it comes to PRP treatments believe me she is the best .tx doc . i approached Dr Dipanjali for instant acne treatment .i had a photoshoot on the next day and a pimple had popped up a day before .my fellow model advised me that i visit dr dipanjali for the treatment . and there i was …acne disappeared within 24 hours ,i was amazed and then went for the complete makeover package ,4 months and people could see the major difference ,the products dr dipanjali prescribes are all international and the best ones .i am really happy with the results ,they were more than i expected .tx doctor .